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Welcome to My Corner ... and My Diamonds in the Dust Video series!

Every week I am highlighting a special lesson from God's Word that has helped me live in my wheelchair for nearly five decades ... with a smile! And my heart’s desire is to pass along these short, yet deep little lessons to you, in hopes that the insights will inspire you, too, to follow Jesus willingly and gladly down difficult roads. Why do I call this series Diamonds in the Dust? Well, as I’ve traveled this rocky path of paralysis, I have discovered many diamonds in the dust, slivers of scripture packed with power — a fragment from a biblical proverb or a snippet of a Psalm ... Each week, I share one of those diamonds in this 1-minute video series. So, stop by every Monday for a new, heartening, and encouraging lesson!

This Week’s Video: A Courageous Port Flush

Do you lack courage? Try hanging around someone who is brave. Listen as Joni tells how she learned courage by watching someone else.

People That Inspire Joni

In our journey through life, we all need people to inspire us along the way—and I’m no exception. I thank God for sending me true models of inspiration, and I have the pleasure of introducing you to some of them here.

Diana Mood

Diana MoodYes, that's me around 1974, and that's my friend, Diana Mood – why does she still inspire me to this day? Well, right after I broke my neck, she lived out John 15:13, "Greater love has no one than this: that he lay down his life for his friends." Diana was a constant companion when I was in the hospital recovering from my spinal cord injury – she even took a semester away from college so she could be a candy-striper in my hospital (that way, she could help me more).

When I graduated from rehab, Diana ...

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Steve Estes

Steve Estes

I can honestly say, I don't know where I would be were it not for this gentle, good man, Steve Estes. I met him when I was fresh out of the hospital, just 19 years old, struggling against depression and searching for answers in God's Word. Steve was only a teenager at the time, but he loved Jesus Christ and possessed a remarkable depth of knowledge about the Bible. Every Thursday night, until Steve went away to college, this young man poured over the Scriptures with me, helping me to grasp the comfort behind the doctrine of God ...

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It's almost Joni's birthday!Today, you can add to the joy of Joni’s 69th birthday by sending her a personal message. You are one of the “friends” of Joni and Friends, and a personal note from you will mean so much to her. I have seen her read notes that others have sent – it always brings her joy.

Your birthday note to Joni doesn’t need to be fancy – just a simple, heartfelt message. She will be so encouraged to hear how God has used her life to inspire and encourage you in your own limitations, or to share God’s love with others.

Ken Tada

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