Wheels for the World - Ghana

June 2 - June 14, 2018
  • June 2 - June 14, 2018
  • Cost: $3,555

*This Outreach is Full

Ghana is a West African country with a culture as fascinating and complex as its colorful marketplaces. People with physical disabilities face unique obstacles in many parts of the country due to deep roots of tribal religions and witchcraft that perceive disability as a curse. A wheelchair not only increases opportunities for these people but also helps them gain a sense of dignity and respect from others. On this Outreach you will serve as the Lord’s hands and feet to empower those with disabilities as you provide mobility equipment in remote villages, health care facilities, churches and schools. Apply today to join our team of seating specialists, mechanics, photojournalists, and support personnel. We will work with you to obtain the required visa to enter Ghana. A Yellow Fever vaccination and certificate are also necessary. The cost of this outreach is all-inclusive.

Wheels for the World in Ghana

This event is closed.