January 2018 - Week 1

Monday 1 Joni and Friends Mississippi: Praise God for the 13 churches and countless volunteers who made Christmas deliveries to over 200 families, multiple group homes, and hospitals possible. The love of Christ was demonstrated in such practical, caring ways.

Tuesday 2 Kids’ Corner: Pray for loving and skilled educational assistants to support students with disabilities as they begin this next semester of school.

Wednesday 3 Praise the Lord for the Joni and Friends Fulfillment team and the many volunteers who helped us prepare and process the myriad of year-end mailings.

Thursday 4 Joni and Friends Central Midwest Region, Knoxville, Charlotte, and Ohio: Ask God to bring His best choice for the position of Area Director to these four Area Ministries to lead the work of evangelizing and discipling families living with disabilities.

Friday 5: It’s time to apply for summer internship opportunities with Joni and Friends. Pray as each applicant prepares his/her heart and mind to follow God’s direction for developing their knowledge of and experience with disability ministry.

Saturday 6 Pray God provides respite hours and needed equipment for Teresa, her husband’s full-time caregiver. She has back problems and can no longer help him as before.