Share the gospel with the disabled

Share the gospel with the disabledQ: I want to share the gospel with someone who is disabled. Any advice on where to start?

A: What an honor to be able to share the hope of Christ with others! Remember that every person with a disability is a whole person, and most likely does not want to feel like a “project.” Be sincere in your efforts; be willing to share your life, your friendship, and your own testimony with this person. Consider sharing Joni’s triumphant autobiography Joni, or the first episode of her award-winning TV series, “I’d Rather Be in this Wheelchair Knowing Him…” Also, peruse the Joni and Friends radio archives where Joni’s hopeful, biblically-based perspective may offer special insights as you reach out to an individual with disabilities. You will find many practical suggestions for serving others in Barrier-Free Friendships. Also, depending on your friend’s disability you may find helpful advice and support from Friendship Ministries. See if there’s a meeting near you, and offer to go with your friend. Or you might even consider starting a group near you!