Our son is 20 years old and wants to live independently.

Independent LivingQ: Our son has a cognitive disability. He is 20 years old and wants to try to live independently. How can we help him be successful?

A: It can be very difficult to transition to adulthood, regardless of whether or not you have a disability! Such a big step requires support from you, your friends, church, and community.

Begin by enlisting friends to pray for you and your son as you navigate this new phase of his life. You may find encouragement attending one of our Joni and Friends Family Retreats. You will meet other families affected by disability, many of which may also be considering their children’s transition into adulthood. Please also connect with the Joni and Friends Area Ministry nearest you for local resources and support.

Shepherds College is a three-year, post-secondary education program helping individuals with developmental disabilities transition into independent living appropriate to their skills. Your son may also find continued moral support by joining a local Friendship Ministries group. Connecting with others through this ministry will offer peer support and Christian encouragement.