My child was just diagnosed with autism.

Diagnosed with autismQ: My child was just diagnosed with autism. Where can I go for help?

A: Take heart that you are not alone in this journey. Spend some time reflecting on Matthew 6:25-34. Remember that His eye is on the sparrow, and surely it is on your family as well! First and foremost, share this new diagnosis with your pastor and church leadership, asking for prayer and support. In the years to come, it will be your church’s privilege to stand beside your family and encourage you, being watchful for needs as they arise.

We highly recommend Making Sense of Autism from Joni’s Award-winning television series. While you personally will benefit from the insights in this film, you may also want to share it with your pastor and friends to help them better understand how to support your family. Be sure to visit Different Dream for My Child and connect with the Joni and Friends Area Ministry nearest you to get plugged in with other parents for ongoing encouragement.