I use a wheelchair and would love to travel.

Joni and Ken travelingQ: I use a wheelchair and would really love to travel. How can I find accessible destinations? Does Joni have any tips she has learned from all of the traveling she has done?

A: You might be surprised at the wealth of information online through various disability travel chat sites. Private tour groups, destination towns and cities, and others in the professional tourist industry also sponsor sites. Others are community boards where individuals share their experiences. Do an Internet search to find a site that meets your particular needs.

Before traveling we recommend familiarizing yourself with TSA’s services for people with disabilities and medical conditions. Also, when booking your reservation, let the airline know you are a wheelchair user so they can plan ahead to accommodate you. Avoid taking smaller planes as they often don’t provide jet-ways connecting the airport terminal to the airplane. Book direct flights whenever possible to reduce transfers to and from your wheelchair.

Check out other traveling tips on the Joni and Friends blog. Once you’ve given traveling a try, consider joining us on a Wheels for the World trip. By sharing the gift of mobility, you can share the love of Christ with people all over the world!