I was an athlete until my spinal cord injury.

Athletes with disabilitiesQ: I was an avid athlete until my spinal cord injury two years ago. I wish I could find something that would give me the same sort of fun and accomplishment as shooting hoops or playing ball. Any ideas?

A: If there is a sport you love, there is probably someone out there who has figured out how to do it from a wheelchair. Begin your search by checking in with local sporting organizations, asking whether they have any groups or teams with disabilities, or whether they are able to include people with disabilities on their established teams. Stay informed about which sports are played in the Paralympics – these sports are likely to have regional followings as well. If there isn’t, research the ways of playing the particular adapted sport and seek out others to join the fun!

Challenged Athletes is a fantastic resource for athletes. Their mission is to support and advance the athletic endeavors of people with disabilities. We also want to mention Sports N’ Spokes magazine for keeping updated on the latest happenings in wheelchair sports and recreation.

And then grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy Determined to Win from Joni’s Award Winning TV series. In this episode you will hear from Hall of Famer and Paralympic gold medalist Jean Driscoll.