I struggle with depression.

You are not alone.Q: I am disabled and struggle with depression. How does Joni keep from being depressed?

A: Know you are not alone and there is hope. Joni struggled with depression when she was first injured. She often recommends Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure by Dr. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones. This book offers scriptural references as a way to overcome depression. Also, take a walk through the Psalms. There we read how David struggled with depression and anger and took his emotions to the Lord. God was faithful to give him hope, as He will for you as you seek Him!

Browse this list of ways to fight depression and be inspired by Ron and Bev Huckabee’s story Get Busy Living from Joni’s Award-Winning Television series. We also suggest you browse at length the website for Rest Ministries, a ministry which offers spiritual encouragement to people with chronic illnesses. And lastly, Focus on the Family has a wonderful hotline with trained counselors ready to offer advice and Christian encouragement to their callers. If your depression persists, seek professional medical attention. Your doctor will be able to assess whether you may be affected by clinical depression, which should not be ignored or taken lightly.