I have a disability and want to attend college.

Attend collegeQ: I have a disability and want to attend college. How can I find the right fit for me? And do you know of any scholarships I qualify for?

A: What an exciting time in your life! Congratulations on making this decision to pursue a college degree! As you consider various colleges, get in touch with each school’s department of disability support services. Set up an appointment to get to know them and to tour the campus. Do a walk-through of classrooms, dorms, and common areas. A school’s disability support services are a key component to your success on the college level.

For scholarships, take a look at Makoa and the book Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families, both of which list condition-specific, disability-related scholarships.

Another resource you may find helpful is BestColleges.com. And The College Board can help you obtain appropriate testing accommodations. But before you get started, take a half hour to be inspired and encouraged through the Joni and Friends television episode featuring Emily Shannahan’s journey through college.