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Joni and Friends has a range of events for both individuals and families of all ages. See what Joni and Friends is doing and how you can get involved.

The success of a Joni and Friends event depends heavily on the carefully nurtured Christian community that allows individuals and families to feel blessed and supported. For this reason, Joni and Friends reserves the right to accept individuals and families and/or assign accommodations based on our ability to meet the needs of everyone in a safe Christian environment. Thank you for your understanding in helping us preserve the community of Joni and Friends events.

Beyond Suffering: An Introduction for Christian Leaders - Albuquerque, NM

  • November 6 - December 4, 2018
  • $25.00
  • Categories: Beyond Suffering

This course will cover:

  1. The theology of suffering and disability
  2. The church and disability ministry
  3. How to start a disability ministry in the church

As a leader, people look to you for answers. This course will help you better understand how human brokenness reveals humanity's universal need for grace ...

Disability Ministry Independent Study Certificate Program

  • January 7 - July 1, 2019
  • $175.00
  • Categories: Beyond Suffering

Become involved with the worldwide disability movement!

It is always best to take Beyond Suffering in a class with other students, but if you are a motivated and disciplined self-starter with unique scheduling needs, the independent study format is available to you to help you keep on track to finish ...

Disability Ministry Semester Certificate Program

  • January 28 - May 7, 2019
  • $175.00
  • Categories: Beyond Suffering

Become involved with the worldwide disability movement!

Beyond Suffering will provide you with a roadmap to an effective and inspiring disability ministry. Created by the Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability, Beyond Suffering is a comprehensive course that gives an overview of the theological and practical underpinnings of ...