December 2018

Inspiration for Your New Year's Resolution

Tomorrow is the start of a new year... Can you believe it? Think about the past year, the blessings God has brought to your life and the moments that grew your faith. Maybe in 2019 you want to set your intentions to do more in your relationship with the Lord. A new year symbolizes...

Joni's Christmas Cards Sale 50% Off!

Joni’s popular Christmas Cards are now 50% off. That’s just $6.00 per box! When you purchase these cards, your support will deliver the good news of the king of kings to people affected by disabilities and their families through the ministries at Joni and Friends. Scripture makes it clear...

Year-End Giving

As you are wrapping up 2018 would you consider taking a moment to give the gift of mobility? It is only because of your generosity that Joni and Friends is able to serve people with disabilities all around the world. Answer the call in the Gospel of Luke 14, "invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind and you will be blessed...make them come in so my house will be full." 

Most Trusted Nonprofit Award 2018

It is an honor to be chosen by Ministry Voice as a recipient of this year’s Most Trusted Nonprofit AwardJoni and Friends puts an emphasis on being obedient to God’s calling to honor Him in everything that we do, a focus since the start of the ministry in 1979. For nearly 40 years...

The Dignity Revolution Chapter Giveaway

Our dear friend, Daniel, has provided this exclusive sneak peek chapter from his book ‘The Dignity Revolution’. Daniel enlightens us with a discussion about how being made in God's image is wonderful, liberating and empowering! Living with this perspective changes how we see both ourselves and...

Show Jesus’ Love This Season

You may wonder, “Can the gift of a wheelchair really make a difference in the life of someone in a developing nation?” Our answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Your gift of a wheelchair empowers a child to go to school or an adult to go work to provide for their family. Most important, the gift of...

Need a Christmas Gift Idea?

This Christmas, give your family and friends the perfect gift—our 2019 Planner! Joni’s exquisite painting Sunset By The Ocean captures the beauty of God’s creation. The theme for the Planner is hope. Throughout the year, you’ll find encouragement in Joni’s monthly devotions taken from...

A Heart-Opening Outreach

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Dec. 5, 2018
  • International Family Retreat

Simone serving in Peru

We love seeing who God calls to serve at International Family Retreats! Each year Short-Term Missionaries (STMs) from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and life-experiences come together to show Christ’s love to families affected by disability. This year we were blessed to send Simone to our Family Retreat in Peru. Simone works at Joni and Friends in our Human Resources department and has a huge heart for special-needs families.